Cheddar Curved Bread

Cheddar Curved Bread

A straightforward and simple cheddar breadsticks recipe. A Pleasant Tidbit That Everybody Will Cherish!!!


• 1 ⅝ cup flour

• 7g dry yeast

• 3g salt

• 180ml warm milk

• 45g spread

• 1 egg

• 125g destroyed cheddar

• 3 tbsp cleaved parsley

• Mellowed spread

• Egg wash


Consolidate flour with salt, make a well in the middle and add yeast, salt, milk, spread and egg into it. Race to join every one of the fluids, then begin including the flour from the sides.

At the point when the mixture meets up in knots, ply it well until smooth, structure into a ball, then, at that point, put away for 60 minutes. Cut the mixture into quarters, fold every one into a ball and carry out into a square shape. Brush two square shapes with spread, add cheddar and parsley on top and cover with one more two layers of batter.

Roll with a moving pin somewhat, then, at that point, cut into strips. Assemble strips by two, sandwiching some more in the middle between. Bend each two or three strips as displayed in the video. Put on a material lined baking sheet and put away for 20 minutes. Brush with egg wash and prepare at 180C/350F for 25 minutes. Appreciate!!