Potatoes Onions And Smoked Clean Frankfurter


Potatoes Onions And Smoked Clean Frankfurter 



°1½ pounds.

°From the aged potatoes, cut them down the middle solid shapes.

°A pound of smoked hotdog cuts.

°2 tbsp.

°of olive oil.

°A portion of a teaspoon of prepared salt.

°½ tsp.

°of Italian flavors.

°½ huge red pepper

°½ huge green pepper.

°Little onion cut into 3D squares.

°Dark pepper to taste, ground Parmesan cheddar, for embellish.


Stage 1:

In a huge skillet, sear the onions in 1 tablespoon of spread over medium intensity until onions are clear.

Stage 2:

Second, cook onions until delicate. Eliminate the onions from the dish and put them away.

Stage 3:

In a huge skillet, heat 1 tablespoon margarine and 1 tablespoon olive oil until spread melts, and add potatoes, prepared salt, Italian flavoring, and pepper.

The fourth step:

Then, cover and stew over low intensity, mixing every so often, for 15 minutes or until vegetables are to some degree cooked.

Fifth step:

Then, at that point, cook for an additional 10 minutes subsequent to adding the hotdog. Join onion and pepper in an enormous skillet and saute until pepper is delicate and crunchy.

6th step:

At last, assuming utilizing Parmesan cheddar, sprinkle it on top.