Prepared tangerine chicken


Prepared tangerine chicken


Chicken pieces, 300ml of mandarin juice, onion, a tablespoon of dried out garlic powder, a tablespoon of oregano, a teaspoon of sweet paprika, ground dark pepper, chicken stock or pastilla de avecrem, olive oil, salt.

Elaboration :

Season the chicken with salt and pepper, in a bowl blend the finely hacked onion, the tangerine juice, oregano, sweet paprika, the garlic powder and pour over the chicken pieces and marinate the best for the time being and cover with film.

In a baking dish recently preheated to 190 degrees, brush the base with olive oil and put the depleted chicken pieces and put it in the stove.

In a pot, pour the juices that we had from the marinade and add a portion of a glass of chicken stock and cook until the combination is diminished considerably, then pour over the chicken and cook for about 60 minutes, brushing the chicken every once in a while.

At last put the barbecue position and brown to taste. Go with white rice or French fries and a decent serving of mixed greens.